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David R. White, AIA


David White


When did you start working at Howard+Helmer?
September 14, 1985.  

What does your day-to-day job entail?
Project management, client relations and business development.

What’s your favorite aspect of what you do for a living?
The creativity of seeing a building develop from concept and thought.

What’s one project that you’re especially proud of and why?
The Commerce office building on the Waterfront in Wichita. It was an opportunity to work with a client who wanted something out of the ordinary and were willing to appropriately finance the project to make it happen.

Where do you find inspiration?
God, travel and the observation of the built environment.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I’m a car guy. (If I were wealthy, I could get out of control.)

What’s your pet peeve?
People who don’t do what they say they will. Integrity is a very big deal for me.

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